Aerosoft's - VFR Germany 2

Aerosoft's - VFR Germany 2

VFR Germany 2.0 is an add-on scenery for FSX with the map of Germany North
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Aerosoft's - VFR Germany 2.0 is an add-on scenery for FSX with the map of Germany North. The add-on has been made using different databases all together. They have opted for aerial images which can be sold for detailed features and aerial images. A great resolution is given by the images in the form of their identification. There are VFR points such as transmission towers, factories etc.

The new custom-made autogen can easily replace the default autogen German looking buildings.. A resolution of 1 mega pixels is given as an output to depict the aerial images at a high resolution. It is marked by watermarks and supports lakes and rivers as well. The aerial images are synchronized with the airport runways to create a realism effect among everyone. Ultralight and glider facilities are yet to be done on a particular day. A VFR map for the whole area is provided why dairy and helps in mitigating risks. The add-on has some beautiful scenery giving details about each and every object near to the airport.

The VFR add-on makes it the most anticipated plug-in for users. The new sceneries are supported by more quests, challenges and tasks to be performed for the simulation. The scenic beauty and the graphics have been previewed in advance. It also provides difficulties and challenges the users to practice with their flight experience with different domains.

Luis Sanchez
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  • Easy to use and provides a difficult terrain or challenge


  • Polygon texture has some flaws
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